Drayton Hall is Cleaning House!

Although this post is a few years old, it explains what exactly we do when we close our doors to the public for our annual closed week. Although there might be some pizza parties and ice cream served, it’s not all fun and games- read on the see what we do when you’re not here! 

For one week a year, Drayton Hall closes its doors to visitors so that we can complete a top-to-bottom cleaning of the inside of the house, make any large-scale repairs, and take care of other maintenance that is difficult to do when visitors are on the site.  This year, we trimmed up trees along the driveway and throughout the grounds, cleaned windows, walls and floors inside, painted the bathrooms, cleared brush at the African-American cemetery, and made great progress on repairs to the historic mortarwork of the main house.   Take a closer look here.

Visitor Services Manager Kate Ruhf explains more in this video on YouTube.

Matt Webster, Director of Preservation, also describes how the historic mortarwork is repaired in this YouTube video. 

2 thoughts on “Drayton Hall is Cleaning House!

  1. I am planning to visit Charleston again in the near future and will definitely plan on visiting Drayton Hall. I believe it is so important to preserve all of the remaining southern plantation homes for us and future generations. I was fortunate to have visited Boone Hall in Mt Pleasant SC when I was there in 1987.

    • Corrine- thanks for your enthusiasm for historic preservation. We look forward to seeing you soon- please don’t hesitate to call us with any questions as you plan your visit. See you soon!

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