In honor of Halloween, some thoughts from a few years back on the always interesting question……..

The Drayton Hall Diaries


First posted by Craig Tuminaro, former Director of Museum Interpretation, on February 20, 2009

A recent comment from a blog reader inspired me to compose a response to the often-asked question: Is Drayton Hall haunted?    I can say with 100% certainty that you can see ghosts at Drayton Hall—ghost marks that is, the faded outlines of pictures and now-missing architectural elements that once adorned some interior walls.  But could there also be spiritual remnants that have been “left behind” by one or more of Drayton Hall’s occupants, ethereal counterparts to the faded lines and layers of history embedded within the walls?

Many people—visitors and staff alike—will say: “Absolutely yes, Drayton Hall IS haunted” while others will just as strongly say the opposite.  Several visitors believe they have captured photographic evidence of ghosts or other spiritual beings inside the house; shadows, circles, or oddly bright areas appear, seemingly without explanation.  Drayton Hall was featured…

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