Not Your Grandmother’s Quilt…..

Quilt Front

In the summer of 2010, Drayton Hall’s Preservation Department completed photographic documentation of the museum collection with the help of interns Peter Finnerty, Claire Sheilds, and Courtney Devoe. Many of the objects in the collection had never been photographed before, including a rare 19th century mosaic quilt. Interestingly enough, once

Close up of manuscript sections used to "piece" quilt.

the quilt was turned over to photograph its underside, we discovered manuscript sections in the form of paper templates used to hand piece and provide support for the textile (see image). Given the sensitive nature of both the textile and manuscripts used to construct the quilt, conservation techniques are being evaluated to ensure the long-term survival of this rare treasure.

For questions about Drayton Hall’s collection, please contact Joyce Keegan @

2 thoughts on “Not Your Grandmother’s Quilt…..

  1. As a quilter, this piece is fascinating to me in many aspects. Would you consider posting a picture of the front of this work?
    Kathie Rokitski

    • Kathie- Sure! Look for the picture in the body of the actual blog. We’re so glad you think its so interesting, it is a truly remarkable part of our collection.

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