Barbados (Comes Back) to Charleston

The shared history of Charleston and Barbados can be traced back more than three centuries, when, in 1670, a boat of white settlers and enslaved African-Americans set sail from Speightstown in Barbados, and landed at Albemarle point in the Carolina Colony- Charles Towne was thus founded on behalf of England, and a connection was born. Over the next three years, over half of the settlers and slaves that arrived in the new colony came from Barbados.

To celebrate the historical, cultural and culinary connections that bind these two vibrant places, the Consulate General of Barbados is hosting a 5 day event from September 1st to 5th all across Charleston. To see the program of events for each day go to: Drayton Hall will be participating in the Bridgetown Fair on Saturday at Charlestowne Landing from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm. We’ll be highlighting the specific Barbados connections here at Drayton Hall. Come out and enjoy the festivities!

One thought on “Barbados (Comes Back) to Charleston

  1. I’ve read your blogs written August 3, 2011 and September 20, 2011 and I’d love to provide a link that works to both of them. I’m Rhoda Green, Barbados’ Honorary Consul to SC and the founder of the Barbados and Carolinas Legacy Foundation. Take a peek at our website which is still under construction but accessible.

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