“Cousin Camp” At Drayton Hall

Each summer, two special  families, the Weigles and the Hsiehs,  get their kids together for what they refer to as “Cousin Camp.” Read on to hear each cousin’s reaction to what they called the “best cousin camp ever” at Drayton Hall’s Colonial Carolina Summer Camp!

Braedon (age 6) said “I thought it was pretty great! My favorite part was when we did the archaeological dig.  We had to find pieces of broken plates and stuff.  We found two glass pieces- it was part of two plates. It was a white piece  and an orange one made of clay. Cool!”

Darcy (age 6) said “My favorite part was dying the cloth. It was very fun and I liked the part where we dipped it in the dye.  And I liked when we painted the snake. And I petted a snake! Miss Deana’s friend came with her pet snake because we were learning about animals. I’ve been having fun!”

Ainsley (age eight) said “I thought it was really fun because we got to make all kinds of crafts like paper lanterns and painted snakes and lizards and we got to make compasses when we went on a treasure hunt. We went in the house which was Georgian Architecture which was Bricks, Bold, Balanced, Big and Boxy.  We just got to have a really fun time!”

Colin (age eight) said “I thought it was really fun. My favorite part was painting my lizard and doing the tie dye.  We learned how to use a loom to make a blanket!”

Mckenna (age 5) said “Camp’s the best! I liked it all- I don’t have one real favorite! I liked seeing all the grounds. It was pretty!”

Thank you so much for this wonderful camp opportunity! Our kids had a  blast and learned so very much at camp!

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