What is this newfangled ‘monthly giving’ all about?

In the summer of 2009, Drayton Hall introduced monthly giving, a new membership payment option for Friends of Drayton Hall. Two years since its launch, Drayton Hall has welcomed a total of 51 monthly giving converts, three of which happen to be Drayton Hall employees!

Monthly giving is a payment option that allows Friends to easily increase their annual membership gift by breaking it into twelve small installments.  You select the amount you’re comfortable with and it is automatically and securely withdrawn from your credit or debit card each month.  As a monthly giver you continue to receive all the wonderful Friends of Drayton Hall membership benefits, but you never have to worry about a lapsed membership, messing with renewal envelopes, or hunting for your checkbook.

At the close of 2010, Drayton Hall had 42 monthly givers and as a group they had increased their giving from the year before by $3,000.  Imagine that! $3,000 that was directed to Drayton Hall’s most pressing preservation issues.

It’s easy, it’s secure, and it provides sustainable support for Drayton Hall year in and year out.  Don’t believe me?  Ask some of our new monthly giving Friends. George and Mary Sue McDaniel, our executive director and his wife, were the first to join Drayton Hall’s monthly giving program and have found it to be “a financially painless way to increase support of Drayton Hall.” Kristine Morris, our communications director, appreciates the “seamless process” that lets her make a big difference in a small way every month.

Say goodbye to remittance envelopes, checkbooks and stamps, and say hello to monthly giving!  Join today by visiting our new monthly giving webpage.

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