Palladian Tour Comes to a Close


September 23 We began the day at Villa Barbaro built in the early 1550’s.  Palladio died before the tempietto of Villa Barbaro was complete.  The interior is filled with extraordinary frescos by Paolo Veronese.  Experts confirm that Palladio designed the villa, but they believe the barchesse or barns on either side were added later.  It is a beautiful villa characterized by a yellow hue, situated on a hill with a protected, open front view shed, with a fish pond in the back.  The balance and symmetry continues throughout the structure. The interior is shaped like a Greek Cross or, as our guide explained, a body.

Next, we took a break and visited a winery (especially known for its Prosecco!) and located in a 17th century Palladian-influenced building, Villa Sandi.  We enjoyed our final lunch together, awarding each traveler magna cum laude for their interest in architecture, their new knowledge, and their good humor on the trip.  A salute to a wonderful, agreeable group! 

We concluded our day at Villa Emo, completed after Barbaro, probably around 1558.  Palladio brilliantly combined the necessities of agricultural life into the language of ancient architecture.  Our guide, Giuliana de Thiene, stated that this is her favorite of the Palladian Villas.  It is livable in that it functions like a home; it also boasts the beauty of the classic Palladian building.  Our trip concludes with our travelers asking….when and where is the next trip???!!!

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