When Planning For Success, Sometimes You Have To Think Small

     “As Drayton Hall’s group tour coordinator I work with group tour operators, hotels, and schools to arrange for large groups of adults and students to experience our wide range of tour offerings and educational programs. Eight years ago, we developed a special tour package with Middleton Place, one of our neighboring plantations along the Ashley River. Called A Day On The Ashley, it was designed to offer groups the best of both sites, including a customized two-hour Connoisseur Tour at Drayton Hall and an authentic Lowcountry lunch at Middleton Place. Over the years, we‘ve received frequent inquiries about a smaller-scale version for individual visitors, but for various reasons we put the idea on hold.  Earlier this year as we began to brainstorm new ideas, a smaller-scale Day On The Ashley package once again emerged as a possibility.

   We met with our counterparts at Middleton Place and after much discussion and many attempts to craft the perfect miniature version that would retain key elements of the original, we were at last ready to launch A Day on the Ashley for Couples and Small Groups.  Almost immediately after posting the package on both our websites and as word began to get around town, the phones starting ringing. Callers looking for something extra-special, for themselves or for surprise gifts for birthdays and anniversaries, have loved the idea (and the convenience) of making one phone call to arrange a well-planned half-day of exploration across 300 years of history and beautifully landscaped gardens topped with a casual lunch.  (http://www.draytonhall.org/news/event_calendar/event.html?id=163 and   http://www.middletonplace.org/content.asp?id=117144&action=detail&catID=16888&parentID=19419)

   Success comes in all shapes and sizes. The next time you need a new idea, don’t try to reinvent the wheel. Instead, start with what’s already working – chances are your next big success story is already there just waiting for a fresh perspective and a few modifications.

Want to know more about our new Day On The Ashley package? Please call me at (843) 769-2630 – we’d love to have you!”

-Debbi Zimmerman Group Tour Coordinator

And Congratulations to our Facebook winner, Sharon Kay Reavis for her quick response!  Please contact Debbi Zimmerman (above) to collect your prize.  Our thanks also to Jennifer Brooks Johnstone for her creative and moving  poetry she shared via Facebook! 

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