Thank you, camper-historians!

Today, camper-historians practiced their own house tour.  Ms. Liz taught the group about conservation.  Reuse, Reduce, RECYCLE!  Using recycled materials campers created keepsake boxes.  Conservation, afterall, is an important part of preservation!  Once friends and family arrived, camper-historians led their loved ones on a house tour of Drayton Hall.  The “tour guides” emphasized the importance of preservation and pointed out important architectural features of the structure.  Parents and siblings learned about the different cultures who, at one time or another, lived on the property.  The incredible depth of information that the campers learned in one week impressed everyone!  

Thank you camper-historians for a wonderful week of fun and education!  Your insightful questions and observant comments made camp a pleasure!

2 thoughts on “Thank you, camper-historians!

  1. Patrick had a great time at camp. He loves history and this was perfect. I love that there was so many hands on activities. Thank you for the complimentary pass and note card. All the out of state relatives enjoyed being apart of Patrick’s camp even though they can not be here. This was great! Thank you for all the care and knowledge you gave to Patrick and all the campers!!

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