Archaeological Institute Day 5

The fifth and final day of the Archaeological Institute got off to a quick start with all participants showing up early for the day’s work.  Rather than commencing the day at 9am, all were busy excavating by 8am!  The objective of the day was to clarify all features associated with the masonry wall exposed in the previous days.  Following a thorough trowel cleaning it became clear that a series of post holes mirror the shape of the masonry wall as they appear to curve around towards the north flanker building.  Such suggest that the original collonade may have been built of brick (front foundation) with wood used as structural material sunk into the ground as supporting posts in the rear.  Wood appears to have also been used above ground and covered with plaster to appear as stone. Thus the majority of the collonade would have been formed from wood- a material that could have been quickly dismantled in the event of a natural or cultural disaster such as a hurricane or war.

Work will continue on site next week as Drayton Hall’s archaeological staff finishes recording the week’s discoveries.  This will be followed by additional work with excavated artifacts.

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